Snub for OS X

Snub makes managing gitignore files hassle free.

OS X 10.10+ only

Help is only 1 click away

Snub sits in the menu bar so that you can quickly access it to perform tasks such as adding, removing, searching gitignore files etc.

Unobtrusive Presence

Let Snub do the guess work

Auto Suggestions

Snub automagically suggests the best gitignore configurations for your repo so that you don’t have to guess.

Don’t want to use your mouse?

Snub comes with a bunch of intuitive commands that you can invoke from your terminal without having to reach for your mouse.

Intuitive Commands

Add your own custom files

Coming Soon

Dropbox Integration

Snub will let you add your own custom gitignore files and backs it up so that you can easily add your customized gitignore files in your future projects.